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Mobile solutions

Mobile Labs company specializes in creating advanced mobile applications. We prepare our own apps as well as dedicated customized apps for our clients. We make apps for all three major platforms as well as multiplatform apps. Strong background in large scale systems that communicate in real time through the cloud allows us to prepare cutting edge solutions.


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone / Windows 8
  • HTML, Qt


  • NFC, Bluetooth 4.0
  • iBeacon
  • Indoor and outdoor positioning
  • QR codes
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Cloud solutions

Mobile Labs team of experts is capable of delivering advanced solutions from the server software and services area. We specialize in solutions that communicate with mobile devices and electronic products that have access to the Internet. Acquisition and processing of the data, real time communication, encryption, configuration panels – all lie in the area of ML Experts competences. We are able to prepare solutions based on existing ML frameworks as well as can prepare fully customized solution based on our clients requirements.


  • Java
  • PHP
  • Efficient server solutions based on C++
  • Web apps
  • Databases
  • Web services


Electronics solutions

Mobile Labs offers design services in the electronics area. We create embedded systems from PCB layout design, software, CE certficiation to the manufacturing documentation. We create our own products as well as we can preapare customized hardware for our cliens. We are capable of expanding exisiting devices with Internet of Things options like control through mobile apps by adding our hardware solutions.



Electronics solutions

The Internet of Things is a vision in which Internet extends into the real world embracing everyday objects. Physical items are connected to the virtual world so they can automatically exchange data without human interaction and can be controlled remotely through the Internet. An Internet of Things makes computing truly ubiquitous with limitless possibilities of changing the everyday life. “Smart” objects like hearth implant monitor that communicates directly with doctor, fridge that gives information what products are no longer fresh or a thermostat that learns the habits of householders - play a key role in the IoT vision.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an idea whose time has finally come. Falling technology costs, developments in complementary fields like mobile and cloud, together with support from governments have all contributed to the dawning of an IoT “quiet revolution".

Solutions cloud

Advantages of bringing IoT Ecosystem into your product:

  • Bring innovative products and services to market
  • Get ahead of competition
  • Easily connect your products to the Internet and control them through Mobile and Web apps
  • Get real-time data about your product usage and perform remote maintenance
  • Build an ongoing relationship with your customers


IOT ecosystem

Mobile Labs has created a complete solution – IoT Ecosystem that consist of three main elements: hardware module, cloud software and user interface in the meaning of mobile and web applications. The system is easy to implement into existing products like controllers for gates, roller shutters, thermostats or consumer electronics. It allows for significant reduction of time to market and cost of IoT products, by the same time it provides secure, proven and tested technology for the IoT solutions.

Key areas:


IOT module
The module can be embedded into existing products and extend the device capabilities by IoT functions. It allows Internet and LAN connection, presentation of device Web page, connection with cloud to exchange data, remote access to the devices, and a server for mobile application control.


IOT module
Cloud refers to server technologies used to communicate with embedded devices, mobile devices and web interface. It consists of cloud server software and cloud services which are highly scalable and flexible. The cloud allows to control devices over the Internet, gather data, process data, perform remote maintenance and remote control to your products. Mobile Labs Cloud provides end-to-end security with industry standards TLS, SSL and permissions through API keys. Unlike other companies Mobile Labs provides fully customizable cloud solution to fit exact client requirements. It can be hosted and maintained by Mobile Labs experts as well as it can hosted on client servers and maintained by own personnel.


IOT module
User interface is software responsible for controlling the devices. It consists of mobile applications and web applications to connect with anything and every thing. Mobile Labs provides quality custom application development from simple modifications of standard framework to complete new user interfaces.